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Updated: May 7, 2020

A message from The Boss

Hello Fighters, Members, and Friends,

Wow.  Can someone tell me what just happened?  My head is still spinning from the onset, only to see it go as fast as it came.  Social distancing, closures, questions... life has not been secure.  Last week our team and I had just come up with a structured online training program when Brian Kemp made the call to reopen. My apologies for not following through with our announcements, we had to make a quick about-face with the unexpected change. 

With the call to open from the Governor came the pressure on small businesses to make a decision about what to do.  Additionally, the city of Brookhaven and the State of Georgia have left the business owners with the burden of making decisions about how do open, structuring social distancing, and with the burden of making ends meet with limits on how the conduct business. Unfortunately, there are still so many questions I would like to see answered about reopening the gym, that I just can't feel good about it quite yet.  I've had a few of our members ask how and when, but I've had just as many who criticized any idea of opening.  Considering as much information as possible, I have finally come up with a plan which is listed below:

Your current membership has been frozen since March 14.  We will restart memberships MAY 18th as long as we are able to continue with Phase 2 of operations.  If not, they will remain on hold until we do.  Current members coming in to train May 4th - May 16th will not be charged time from their membership. (Yea!)


May 4th - BFC will open its doors for OPEN GYM only during the following hours:

Monday - Thursday 11am - 1pm, 5pm - 8pm (closed 1pm-5pm)

Saturday 9am - 1pm

*All hours will be open gym only, no group classes


We want to see you!  However in order to ensure your place, please fill out the TRAINING REQUEST FORM and let us know when you would like to train.  We will allow walk-ins, but if in order to keep social distancing you may have to wait for someone to leave. (Booo!)

Additional options during this phase:

A) OPTIONAL PRIVATE LESSONS AND SMALL GROUP PRIVATE LESSONS - Our plans before Brian Kemp called businesses to open included the option to do specially rated private sessions and specially rated small group sessions of groups of 5 or less.  These sessions are not part of your membership (if you have one) and are being offered at the following rates only through May 17th.  Beyond that, we will continue with our regular rates. Take advantage if you can!  We are doing this because we want to train!  

Private Lessons - $55/one hour session

Small Group private Lessons - $55/hour plus $10 per person

Note that these rates are going 100% to the trainer you select to train with. (Awesome!)  This is one way for you to support your favorite trainer when work is not available.

Safety Precautions

During the next 4 weeks the following safety precautions shall be observed:

  • No use of community gloves, or borrowed gloves

  • No use of shared headgears (gross anyway!)

  • Any water given to members or fighters must be their own water, either purchased from us or brought, with their name or significant marker on it.  No shared water bottles

  • Only designated matts shall be used for floor work

  • No community jump ropes, any ropes used from the gym must be checked out and returned before you leave for cleaning

  • Our kids area will be closed for now (sorry!)

  • Only 30 members will be allowed at the gym at any given time.  We will monitor this at the door.  To be certain that your time is available, please use the form above to reserve your spot.

  • Upon arrival, each member will have their temperature taken and be required to use hand sanitizer.  Face Masks are encouraged, though we can not supply those at this time.

  • Bags and equipment will be sanitized each hour.

  • Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the gym.

  • Plentiful Soap and Towels for washing hands

  • Whatever else we can think of


May 18th - CLASSES RESUME if we haven't gotten new shelter in place orders and no additional problems occur.  We will monitor this carefully!

Be safe!  We can't wait to see you, and thank you so much for your patronage!


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