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Buckhead Fight Club announces COLLEGE FIGHT NIGHT featuring UGA vs GA Tech!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

COLLEGE FIGHT NIGHT ANNOUNCED - UGA VS GEORGIA TECH Buckhead Fight Club announces the first of a free five-show live broadcast boxing series presenting Collegiate Boxing sanctioned by the US Intercollegiate Boxing Association (USIBA), with the first show set for December 4th at Buckhead Fight Club. The live broadcast will be the first collegiate boxing series ever broadcast on the new WBC Network powered by Vive.

Buckhead Fight Club serves as the official offsite training facility for the Georgia Tech boxing team, an official team registered under USIBA, where the student-organized club was established in 2018. Head coach Terri Moss has been promoting boxing shows since 2010, promoting amateur and professional boxing, and is excited to bring college boxing into the public eye via her new partnership with the WBC Network. "USIBA is a great organization, and I think college boxing is on the rise and a great way to expose boxing to new fans and supporters. In 2020 we were scheduled to host the USIBA National Championships here in Atlanta, then when COVID closed down our event, it left us still hungry to show our stuff promotionally. With the new association we have with the WBC Network, we are hoping that it will expose more schools to participate and form their own teams., and show our sponsors how far their reach goes with the students and alumni".

The WBC Network College Fight Series begins December 4th kicking off UGA vs Georgia Tech as the headliner with special guest athletes competing via USIBA teams from Virginia Military Institute, Georgetown University, Maryland University and more.



Students register to box in a safe but competitive match!

December 4th showtime, doors open at 6:30pm, first bell at 7:00pm. VIP and Alumni tables and sponsorships available.

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