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Phase 2 of Reopening June 1st, classes resume


Beginning Monday June 1st, we will move forward with our reopening and begin a class schedule at 90% (only two classes still being held back due to expected low turnout). We will increase any remaining classes or training times as we fill classes. Also beginning June 1st, our private lessons and small group rates will return to normal. While we are excited to get back to training, we are also concerned for the health of our staff and our members in an even bigger way, so we will be implementing several safety precautions listed below. These are uncertain times for all of us, so we are asking members to help us be safe by wiping down equipment after they use it, and by keeping a safe distance from one another when its possible.

Additionally, all current memberships will will restart June 1st. Memberships were frozen on April 13, so anyone with a current membership at that time still has their membership balance from that date on. On June 1st, we will begin to count them down from where they left off.

Details on training beginning June 1st


June 1st - BFC will be open the following hours:

Monday - Thursday 10:45am - 1:30pm, 5pm - 8:30pm (closed 1:30pm-5pm)

Closed Friday

Saturday 9am - 1pm

Closed Sunday

Class Schedule for Phase 2:


11am Monday - Thursday, Boxing Fitness/Advanced Boxing combined class

11am Saturday, Boxing Fitness


5:30pm Tuesday & Thursday, Kids Boxing

6pm Monday - Thursday, Boxing Fitness

6pm Monday - Thursday, Advanced Boxing

7pm Monday - Thursday, Advanced Boxing 7pm

Safety Precautions

During the next 4 weeks while we prepare for the final phase of reopening, the following safety precautions shall be observed:

  • No use of community gloves, or borrowed gloves

  • No use of shared headgears (gross anyway!)

  • Any water given to members or fighters must be their own water, either purchased from us or brought, with their name or significant marker on it. No shared water bottles

  • Only designated matts shall be used for floor work

  • No community jump ropes, any ropes used from the gym must be checked out and returned before you leave for cleaning

  • Our kids area will be closed for now (sorry!)

  • We will limit members to 75 members training at the gym at any given time (averaging 160 sq ft per member). We will monitor this at the door.

  • Upon arrival, each member will have their temperature taken and be required to use hand sanitizer.

  • Face Masks are encouraged, though we can not supply those at this time. Be advised that some members (as well as trainers) may be training without masks. We have found that training can be very difficult with masks due to sweating and heavy breathing, so it can not be enforced. Again, you are encouraged to wear one if you are able.

  • Bags and equipment will be sanitized before and after each training session (morning training session & evening sessions), and towels and sanitizer sprays will be available throughout the gym and we are asking members to assist us by wiping down equipment they use after they use it.

  • Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the gym.

  • Plentiful Soap and Towels for washing hands will be in bathrooms.

  • Some training procedures (sparring, pad work, drills, etc.) require closer proximity to members or trainers than the 6-food social distancing suggestion. We strongly urge members NOT TO PARTICIPATE in ANY activity that they do not feel comfortable doing when social distancing is not possible.

  • Whatever else we can think of!

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